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  • Presentation of the book by Eli Nacht at “Sunday Club” in “Tkuma”
Presentation of the book by Dr. Eli Nacht, an advocate, the CEO of the Israel Empowerment Lobby, has taken place within the framework of “Sunday Club”, which is a popular program of “Tkuma” Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies.
This book is called "Breaking Stereotypes" and dedicated to Christian-Israeli dialogue. The author emphasizes that it is dedicated not to Judaic-Christian, but to Israeli-Christian dialogue exactly, because such notions, as “Judaic”, “Jewish” and “Israeli”, are not identical. Eli Nacht shared many interesting cases from his wide practice of communication with high-ranking representatives of most important institutions of the West world, and answered many questions of the audience.
Dr. Igor Shchupak, director of “Tkuma” Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies and “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” Museum, mentioned the following: “This event became a special experience for me. It allowed me to take a different view of the processes which happen in the world. Because the task to build bridges and open ways for dialogue between different religions, societies, races and civilizations is not a task for government and social institutions just, but for individuals also. Only by strengthening the dialogue and mutual understanding we will come to correcting our world, to Tikkun Olam".